Janet Jackson Nude

She is tagged as one of the most successful female member of the infamous Jackson family of singers, although her older sister, LaToya Jackson made a name for herself first in the music business, Janet Jackson continued with her singing career up to this very day earning awards and enjoying the fame and the fortune she had rightfully earned when she started back in 1982 with her self-titled album until she came out with her breakthrough album, Rhythm Nation 1814, earning millions in record sales and now she had just released her latest album Discipline and Janet is still rocking the joint with her infectious groove and unique style of dance music… while LaToya, well, she still keeps on spilling the beans on her family’s deep dark secrets while her face starts to transform into an exact replica of her other famous and iconic brother, Michael! Anyways, for your daily dose of Hollywood filth of pictures and videos, you just came to the right place and we are featuring tons of sleazy goodies courtesy of the one and only R&B dance diva Janet Jackson.

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